DIY Mocha Lattes
The popularity of coffee shops across America has inspired an explosion of tasty and exotic coffee-based beverages. They come in variety of delicious flavors, from chocolate to hazelnut, mint to strawberry, vanilla and nutmeg. One of the common denominators of all these drinks, besides their frothy appealing appearance, is their cost. Many cost upwards of five bucks, the same price as a typical lunch at your local fast-food joint. I don't know what you think, but there are a few other things I'd rather invest my money in than some crushed ice, a shot of espresso, and a plastic cup. Don't misunderstand me, I love mocha lattes just as much as the next person, and I would love a recipe for mocha latte that I could use at home. Here's a great mocha recipe right below!

This recipe for mocha latte starts like a traditional cafe latte that was first introduced in Europe. In Italy, where lattes got their start, a proper latte has one part espresso and two parts steamed milk. Latte means "coffee and milk" literally in Italian. Americans tend to prefer a proportion of one part espresso and three parts steamed milk, with a dollop of foam atop the milk.

In American cafes, the base of the recipe for mocha latte only sometimes begins with the same proportions of espresso to frothed milk of one to three. Oftentimes, the proportions depend on what other flavorings you add. For example, if you add whipped cream as a topping, your cafe latte may consist of one part espresso to two and one half parts frothed milk. The other half part becomes the whipped cream or other extra flavoring.

In the case of this recipe for a mocha latte, the additional flavorings will be the chocolate that gives the drink its mocha name. You can also add mint to the drink, which makes the drink taste like a mint chocolate candy bar. Start with one and three quarter ounces of chocolate syrup. Pour the chocolate syrup into a 12-ounce cup with half an ounces of peppermint syrup. After that, add two ounces of freshly brewed espresso, topped with the steamed milk. Stir, making sure to mix well from the bottom. This mixing from the bottom will bring the syrups up. Top the whole concoction with a dollop of whipped cream, mint sprinkles, and shaved chocolate.