Adoption for Single Parents
Traditionally, a typical family consisted of a mom and a dad.  When a child was adopted, agencies would not consider any situation that strayed from this so-called "normal" scenario.  Unfortunately, many children grew up without parents, and many loving adults remained childless.  Fortunately the situation has changed, and the days of single parents being denied adoption are behind us.

In the early days of adoption , many agencies believed that raising a child in a single-parent home would negatively affect the child's mental growth and development.   Of course, people rallied and demanded change in this archaic belief.  Now, anyone who wishes to provide a home for a child will be fairly considered for adoption, provided that he or she is stable enough to support and raise the child.  Single parent adoption has become a regular occurrence.  When there are thousands of children in foster homes longing for love and support, society cannot close the doors to potential caring single parents.

In the United States, forward-thinking state governments have moved to allow single parent adoptions.  Statistics show that over the last twenty years there has been an ever-growing increase in the number of single parent adoptions.  The outlook is certainly encouraging, and single parent adoptions are widely accepted across the country.

Studies suggest that single men and women choose to adopt children for a variety of reasons.  The desire to nurture and to share life as a family, regardless of marital status, is clearly the most common reason.  Single adults feel the need to care for a child as much as, if not more than, married couples.  Many, in fact, have claimed that living life as a single is incomplete, but they would choose to adopt a child rather than finding a partner to marry and raise biological children.  Some single men and women choose to adopt a child because they know that they are sterile and not able to have children naturally.  Others are opposed to having children out of wedlock.

Single adoption is not only accepted in today's society, it's becoming prevalent.  There is a growing number of adults who choose to stay single, or become "single again" following divorce.  In fact, the number of divorced men and women has led to the rise of single parent adoptions.  Many early critics of adoption have changed their views, realizing that single parents have concentrated on their careers and worked to create a stable home environment.  These single men and women, it's believed, may be better prepared to provide financial and emotional support to a child.  Their divorced peers, on the other hand, may be dealing with financial and emotional stress and unable to take on the challenges of adoption.

Single or married, caring adults choose to adopt because they know that they can provide a better life for those children living in foster homes or institutions.  Regardless of their reasons for adopting, single parents have no doubt that they are able to provide a child with full dedication and commitment. Thankfully, the country has realized it as well.